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Title/Name : Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Basic Techniques DVD
Author/Manufacturer : Ze Marcello
Description : Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu -Basic Techniques Ze Marcello Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a Brazilian Martial Art, a kind of Jiu-Jitsu that is practiced in Brazil, as it was imported by Mitsuyo Maéda (1879-1941) and later develop by the Gracie family. Its young martial art and is still evolving. It stems from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is ground wrestling that can be practiced with or without a kimono. Each completing technique ends with either a choke or a dislocation (nape, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle) and with no joint twisting. LANGUAGES: Français - English - Deutsch - Espanol - Portugues EXTRA FEATURES: Chapters - Interactive menus - Photo Gallery
Price : $24.49
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Title/Name : Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Intermediate techniques DVD
Author/Manufacturer : Ze Marcello
Description : Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Intermediate Techniques Ze Marcello Its often possible to force an opponent to be on the ground, but its impossible to force someone to stand and fight. Therefore, victory in a free fight between two opponents generally goes to the one who masters the techniques of ground fighting. As a result, theres not as much room for the throws or for the strike techniques as far as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is concerned, compared to other martial arts LANGUAGES : Francais - English - Deutsch - Espanol - Portugues EXTRA FEATURES : Chapters - Interactive menus - Photos Gallery- Trailers
Price : $24.49
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Title/Name : Jujitsu 2-DVD
Author/Manufacturer : James Kodzis
Description : Building on the skills taught in Jujitsu 1, Instructor James Kodzis focuses on submissionshow to attain control of your opponent and how to defend against common submission holds. Learn a number of submission techniques from each of the primary jujitsu positions: the side mount, mount, north/south, back mount and guard position. After James Kodzis teaches each submission, his training partner shows you how to defend against it, exposing weaknesses in each technique that will allow you to escape submission. This format makes it easy to practice offense and defense with your training partner, progressively adding skills to your grappling repertoire. In addition to submission holds, learn jujitsu conditioning drills, techniques for passing the guard, reversals from the guard, effective use of striking techniques from all of the major positions on the ground, how to maintain control of your opponent when striking on the ground, and how to defend against knees, elbows and punches from the mount, side mount and guard. Finally, put all of your skills together in submission and vale tudo practice drills. Together with Jujitsu 1, this DVD is a complete course in the essential techniques of jujitsu with an emphasis on defeating a larger or stronger opponent with control, leverage and technical superiority-80min
Price : $26.96
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Title/Name : Ju-Jitsu Forbiden Techniques DVD
Author/Manufacturer : Garnier/Van Rijt
Description : On request of his students, Eric Garnier accepted to do a video with Michel Van Rijt in order to demonstrate the various aspects of ground fighting or Ne Waza (traditional patterns with Keikogi, techniques specific to Pancrace and little unorthodox tips that might get you out of some tricky situations). Eric Garnier remains one of the very few experts in Chin Na (art of locks) in Europe, he is a 2nd Dan in Ju Jitsu, Michel Van Rijt is a 4th Dan in Ju Jitsu and in Judo. LANGUAGES : Francais - English - Deutsch - Espanol EXTRA FEATURES : Photo Gallery - Trailers-50min
Price : $24.49
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Title/Name : Kyushu Jitsu Grappling DVD
Author/Manufacturer : Evan Pantazi
Description : From the clinch position, demolitions and controls, until the end, all components of Grappling are suitable for the application of Kyusho. In this fourth volume 7 of the series and continuing through the progression, the Master Evan Pantazi focuses on the Grappling and controls to implement at work in soil. No matter what situation you have an adversary, or worse, what situation you have him with you, the equalizer of all this is a good knowledge and training Kyusho, capable of provoking a reaction that allows you to keep the adversary defensive and in a position to benefit you in the end
Price : $24.49
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Title/Name : Police Jiu Jitsu DVD
Author/Manufacturer : Machado-Kilgore-Gambordella
Description : Featuring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Machado Black Belt and Active Police Officer Roman Kilgore & Grandmaster Ted Gambordella. For the first time you can learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques as taught by a Machado black belt and active police officer, Roman Kilgore. Over 12 years of direct training with the Machado brothers has made Roman one of the deadliest and proficient police Jiu Jitsu teachers in the world. He is joined by Grandmaster Ted Gambordella, author of 38 books on the martial arts. With over 42 years of Jiu Jitsu teaching experience. Together they show you dozens and dozens of techniques&proven, tested and guaranteed to work in the street. This is one of the finest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques DVD's ever made and if you learn all the techniques in this DVD you will be able to handle any aggressor of any size. You will learn all you need to know to defend yourself in the street from anyone of any size. Such as: - Chokes - Submissions - Arm Bars - Take Downs - Strangles - Key Locks - Counters - Escapes - Mounts - Taking the Back - Punching Attacks - Defenses&and much more.
Price : $23.99
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Author/Manufacturer : Kyoshi Cardo Urso
Description : Secrets of Integrating Vital-Point Striking and Grappling into the Ultimate Martial Art-
Price : $36.99
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Title/Name : The 10 Best Points of Kyushu Jitsu
Author/Manufacturer : Evan Pantazi
Description : Taught by celebrated aithor Evan Pantazi this book tecahes the practical self defense skills with pressure points. Filled with full color pages. Each of the ten points are well explained and illustrated with full color easy to follow high quality full color photos. Kyusho Jitsu techniques taught in this book are the real deal and once you try them we think you will agree they really do work and are not just theoritical.
Price : $29.95
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Total items: 18, displaying 11 to 18. Previous

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